Moons of Saturn

  The series "Moons of Saturn" is inspired by images of Titan and the other 32 Moons of Saturn:
   When I imagine the moons of Saturn, I do not have aliens, monster plants or Science Fiction in mind. The beauty of the 33 moons 
   lies in their unimaginable, intangible, incomprehensible remoteness. They are untouched and have not been exposed to the interference of man. 
   So, when I look at the moons of Saturn, I try to free myself from our reality, scientific explanations, preconceived concepts and existing imaginative 
   ideas of the unknown.
"Working in mixed media - a combination of acrylic, pigments, asphalt, fabrics and papers on cotton, Born has worked up a series of canvases which elicit a rich yet subtle vocabulary of personal expressions. The works hint at an intensely remote environment, intangible and untouched by humankind. They suggest comparison with Earth, where explanations can be seen to have reduced everything to a soulless, functional state. Conversely, the moons are presented free from scientific analysis, preconceptions, and fanciful imaginations; they exist outside man's preoccupations. Viewers of the work are transported to the silent lunar region of Saturn, momentarily freed from reality.
Although inspired by the moons of Saturn, this series of paintings is not constrained by deliberate content. The works are amorphous, free from definition. Form in the paintings is achieved without preconceived ideas or a premeditated use of line. The reduced palette and single theme generate unity and power. The mixed media is applied arrhythmically. Fittingly, the paintings in the series have no titles." Anna Saleman
"Nor can I find any thing like Sea there, tho he and many others are of the contrary opinion I know. For those vast Countries which appear darker than the other, (...). Nor do I believe that there are any Rivers, for if there were, they could never escape our sight, especially if they run between the Hills as ours do. Nor have they any Clouds to furnish the Rivers with Water. For if they had, we should sometimes see one part of the Moon darken'd by them, and sometimes another, whereas we have always the same prospect of her. 'Tis certain moreover, that the Moon has no Air or Atmosphere surrounding it as we have. (...) This is that notable difference between that Planet and us that hinders all probable Conjectures about it.(...)" (Huygens, Cosmotheoros, 1698, p. 131)
11 paintings 250 x 290 cm, 3 paintings 240 x 240 cm, Acrylic, Pigments, Varnish, Pastel on Cotton, 2005