1960		Born in Stuttgart
   1968		Moved to Hanover 
   1978-82 	Worked in Leiv Warren Donnan's studio both as assistant and practitioner
   1980		A-Levels in Hanover 
   1980-82 	Philosophical and Literary studies at Hanover University 
   1982-88 	Master's Degree in Philosophy and German Literature at The Free University, West Berlin 
   1987		Co-founder of the artist's group "der Riss" (the Rip) 
   1990-94 	A series of 8 travels to Moscow and St. Petersburg 
   1994		3 week etching workshop in Tschiljuskinskaja (Russia) 
   1997		Moved to London 
   2005-10 	Artist in Residence at Bishopsgate Institute, London

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