I am a German and Britsh painter and live and work in London.

  I started my artistic career in the early 1980s in Hanover. 
  From 1978 - 1982 I worked as an assistant and practitioner 
  at the studio of the German artist Leiv Warren Donnan's. 
  After completing an MA in Philosophy and German Literature 
  at the Freie Universität Berlin in 1988, I decided to focus on my art. 

  I am an abstract painter in the broadest sense. I usually work in 
  series that pursue a specific topic. 
  In the painting process, I often use surrealist or automatic 
  techniques such as frottage, collage, decalcomania, grattage or 
  stamping techniques. Popular materials are varnish, ashes, sand, 
  fabric, pigment, pastel, Chinese ink, emulsion, and acrylic on a 
  wide variety of bases such as wood, felt, roof slate, rice paper 
  or conventional canvases. 
  The pictures are often ‘semiabstract’, i.e. they have an organic, 
  dystopian or planetary ductus (figurative reference).

  Solo Exhibitions (selection)

  2022  Pictorem Gallery, London
  2018  'New Pictures from Alleland', Pictorem Gallery, London
  2017  'Pictures from Alleland', Stone Space Gallery, London 
  2015  'Trip to Galicia' and 'Discontinuity', Pictorem Gallery, London
  2014  ‘Paintables’, Stone Space Gallery, London
  2013  ‘Unblind Ambitions’, Curated by Tara Aghdashloo, The Invisible Line (TIL) Gallery, London
  2010  'The Schnellzeit Project' Oxford House Gallery, London
  2005-10 Bishopsgate Institute, London: 
           Series ‘Moons of Saturn’ at the Great Hall (2005 - 2010)  
           Soloshows Corridor (2005 & 2007), Foyer (2005 & 2006)
  2003  Rivington Gallery, London
           Pavilion Gallery, Colne (Lancashire)
           Meinhold and Reucker Gallery, Berlin
  2002  Ars Nova Gallery, Berlin
  2000  Rivington Gallery, London
  1999  Hanging Space Gallery, London
  1998  Möller Gallery, Warnemünde
  1997  Pfefferberg Gallery, Berlin
  1996  Speicher Nr.1 Gallery, Waren (Müritz)
  1995  Aufzeit Gallery, Berlin
           Münsterland Gallery, Berlin
           Pommersfelde Gallery, Berlin
  1994  Expo 88 Gallery, Moscow
  1991  LightBand Gallery, Berlin
  1990  Das Dasein an sich Gallery, Dortmund
           Das Dasein an sich Gallery, Berlin
  1988  Das Dasein an sich Gallery, Berlin
Group Exhibitions (selection) 2020 Southwark Park Galleries 36th Annual Open 2019 Barbican Arts Trust, ArtWorks Open, selected by Emma Talbot and Alex Schady 2014 GRÜN…GRÜN…GRÜN, Friendly Society Gallery, Berlin 2013 'The Discerning Eye' Exhibition 2013, Mall Galleries, London 2006 Künstler der Galerie, Gallery Friendly Society, Berlin 2005 'Horizonte', Friendly Society Gallery, Berlin 2004 'Kunst im Quadrat', Friendly Society Gallery, Berlin 2002 Funkhaus MDR, Magdeburg (Ars Nova Gallery, Berlin) 2000 'Zwischenstation', City Carré, Magdeburg 1999 Grand Machè, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (Ars Nova Gallery, Berlin) 1997 Kunstmarkt Dresden (Pommersfelde Gallerye, Berlin) 1996 Kunst statt Werbung, Underground Gallery, U2 Alexanderplatz, Berlin 1994 Dom Twortschestwa, (Russian Artist's Group), Tschiljuskinskaja, Russia 1993 Kulturraum Rathaus, Rathaus Schöneberg, Berlin 1990 'Der Riss', Kunstverein Lichtenberg, Berlin