Life on Mars

Since the discovery that a meteorite which had fallen to Earth from mars contained evidence of microscopic life, things have changed. Everything has changed, science fiction has turned into science fact. There is the possibility that all life on Earth could have originated this way. Maybe we are the aliens here on Earth! Perhaps our human urge to migrate and explore has its roots here.

I myself am a foreigner who has travelled to and settled in a strange new land. Some of the things people do here seem just as alien and remote. And now that I am here I am changed; I could go back to my homeland but never back to my previous state of mind.

Series I: Chaos on Mars
Two paintings, each 165 x 165 cm, 
two painting, 167,5 x 183 cm, 
one painting, 153 x 183,5 cm, 2002
Acrylic on jute






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