Der Bruch - Discontinuity

   This series is dedicated to the short story 'The Anarchist Banker‘ by Pessoa. 
   I was fascinated by the simplicity of the anarchist model, 
   especially the binary opposition between social and natural fictions. 
   Anarchism in art, would that mean: the dismantling of common perspectives? 
   The disclosure of natural forms and colours? 

Series II 'Opposition and Unity'

   includes eight canvases. 
   Here I continued to explore the relations of ‘Two’. But this time 
   I used pigments and acrylic and played with the peculiar contrast 
   of grey and brown. Sometimes I assembled small elements of cyanotypes 
   which I prepared beforehand.  
   The titles of the paintings in this series are free associations 
   of Pessoa’s anarchist slogans. 

   Pigments, Acrylic, Pastel, Chinese Ink, Gouache, Water Colour, Papers on Canvas

einfache gesellschaftliche Fiktionen – simple social fictions (2015047), 101 x 153 cm two simple actions and something in between (2015043), 61 x 71 cm .... wie eine Anarchismusmaschine – .... like an anarchist machine (2015045), 73 x 90 cm Ausschnitt einer Anarchismusmaschine (der Antriebsmechanismus) – detail of an anarchist machine (the drive mechanism) (2015049), 75 x 95 cm

In Series I 'Das anarchistische Wohnzimmer - The Anarchist Living Room'

   I used an old book with Russian wallpaper samples from Soviet times as a basis. 
   I was interested in how two very simple elements relate to each other. 
   I tried to uncover the vibrations between them and how they affect each other’s balance.

   25 paintings, each  30 x 50 cm
   Chinese Ink, Graphit Pencile, Paper Pieces, Pigments, Acrylic on Wall Paper