‘Portable paint objects’

In this particular series I use a brighter palette than usual. The lines are more distinct, giving way to angular or 
organic shapes and their contrasting effects. The result seems like a scene from the landscape, objects, or creatures 
of a second nature or different planet.
In the process of painting, I move freely between mediums and tools, play with colours and textures, paint, spread, 
scrub, stamp and assemble the material onto recovered floor boards.
The paintables are kind of ‘three dimensional’ rather like objects: they are 5 cm thick and the painting continues on 
the sides.

Paintables: Series II

Concrete, Paper, Lacquer, Asphalt, Pastell, Chinese Ink, 
Water Colour, Dust, Ashes, Emulsion, Pigment, Oil Colour on Wood
22 x 28 cm or 18 x 28 cm, 1 Diptych 33 x 45 cm, 1 Diptych 43 x 58 cm























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